Welcome to mom's energy corner! On this website I offer only Remote or Proxy energy work sessions. You will find on my scheduler more services that I offer in my spa at Color Country Massage Wellness Spa. 
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Everything is made of energy including our bodies!  Acting in the same way as radio frequencies do over the air, our bodies, have an energy field that resonates over long distances. Have you ever thought about someone and then they called you? this is an example of how we are able to tune in with other people who share a similar frequency as ourselves. When we release trapped emotions, balance our energy fields, and assist our nervous system to talk more efficiently to other parts of our body, we have the potential to notice more energy, less pain and discomfort. 

Mom has had extensive training with the body and how it functions on spiritual, emotional and physical levels to assist you to better health and well-being. This site is dedicated to the services she offers long distance. Take a look at the remote and proxy services she offers to see which session type is right for you




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I have had many massages in my life but I have never had a better massage than I have had from Jennifer Asay. 

Jennifer has the education that many massage therapists don’t have.  She knows exactly how to fix any problem you have.  She also does Cranial Sacral work, light work and many other things to fix your problems.

Jennifer is mature and compassionate and a good listener.  I would highly recommend her.  I will never go to anyone else!

Patsy Miller
Jennifer Asay has been helping me with several different emotional energy techniques. She was just learning them when I saw her, but I have done energy work before and she did an amazing job like some others I had been to (in Provo). I felt like we made some big progress in a short amount of time. She was very sweet and patient, and very insightful. I will continue to work with her with more energy work.
                                        ———-Julie Jordan – Cedar City, UT

I was laying on the bed because I was in a lot of pain, did some weed eating.  I could feel quite a lot of pain starting to go out of my body. After that I fell into a light sleep and I just got up half an hour ago and I feel pretty good.  I have taken pain pills before but this time I could feel the pain leave my body along with it. ----Anonymous - (Light Energy Session)

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