Over 11 years of experience in the bodywork field, Jennifer has extensive training in many modalities extending to energy healing work. she is an intuitive healer and also has specialized training in Craniosacral, Touch for Health, Belief Breakthrough, Mentoring, Emotion code/body code and Healers Blueprint. Bring the energy of healing home with a Virtual/Remote session tailored just for you.


Jennifer was recommended after an accident with little results from previous treatment Her massage therapy was very successful in returning full use of my body During our sessions Jennifer and I talked of a negative energy that was having a very negative effect on me very month from the 19-25 Jennifer talked of a procedure to help release negative energy What an experience !!
Comfortable quiet dim room laying on stimulation lights she asked questions and I answered honestly from my heart
At the end of session with her last words I could feel and see a dark sludge flowing out of my body. It was like a miracle !! Freedom from a negative energy that had affected me for 12 years Its been a year and what a difference !! Jennifer is a blessing to me and to all that have the pleasure of her services️☮️

---------------------Charlie Lively, Cedar City, UT

Right after we closed our session, I got off my bed to walk, and I always have to move slowly because my knees hurt so bad, but when I stood up from the bed, there was hardly any pain, and without thinking, I just started walking at a normal pace, didn't even feel any of the usual pain. I think that is completely amazing.

Thank you so much for the session.
------------Brenda C. - Santa Clara, UT
(Remote Light Energy Session)


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