Welcome to my Not a blog page!

Welcome to my notes page! Here you can find my Aha nuggets I have learned or discovered about the world of Energy healing.


What you wire together, you fire together!
This is such a deep concept!


Where thoughts go energy flows.

I really believe that when we are able to let go and apply focus on what we truly want in life, the universe conspires in our behalf to make things work. The challenge is letting go of how we think it should look, feel and act. your goals might turn out a little different than you pictured, but it's good to recognize the gift anyway, because the method you received is the exact method you need to learn so you can create even bigger and better things in your life.

Energy Healing works when we tap into the energetic system of the body whether we are releasing trapped energy or emotional stress, aligning the chakras and balancing the energy system so the body can self-correct.

Energy congestion can come in all kinds of forms and I love how the brain can visualize what the energy looks like. It is more powerful than one would imagine especially when it comes to removing it. I remember one time I had terrible stomach pain and as I was talking to my body and visualizing what could be blocking the flow I saw a towel. I have learned out to remove these types of blocks and when it came out I noticed it was 6lbs. Now of course I wasn't carrying around an actual 6lb towel but my mind had created this image to tell me that there was a lot of energy blocking the path of flow in my stomach.

What are you chaining yourself to? have you had a suggestion given to you to label you? I worked on a young man not too long ago who was told that because he had suffered with a pornography addiction not only would he always be an addict, but now he would have a "creepy guy vibe" This poor young man who had tried to hard to be a good person, kicked the addiction to the curb, had always done his absolute best was so defeated. I realized as I was working with him that he was dragging something. You see the labels that had been projected on him through the power of suggestion created a negative energy chain. we discovered it was energetically bolted to his spine and there was a mean looking creature living on the chain behind him. beyond that there was this old fashioned computer monitor that interestingly enough weighed a ton. when we released the chain, he said he could see it shatter into a million pieces. We also did some work to detach the rest from his spine. After the session he said he felt so much lighter. It is so important to know that labels are just that. they are words to describe something. When they are negative in nature, we can be sure they only come from the Devil because God knows us inside and out and would only give us positive words to describe us who are His children

Why does a pendant spin when you hover it above the body?
This happens because we are inside the aura which is part of the biomagnetic field in the body. when we hover over one of the energy centers with intention we pick up on the energy in the chakra. Sometimes the energy is balanced, sometimes it can be stuck and sometimes it has to clear before it can be balanced. Allowing the Biomagnetic field to work for us is incredible and a wonderful tool for energy healing


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