A year ago Charlene had some issues with ribs and back and decided to try Massage Therapy.   She chose Color Country as she received some good reports. After her first treatment she began talking about the relief that she had received from her treatment. After a few sessions she began to talk about some lights that were available and had been used in her treatment. She would come home and talk about their affects and suggested that I should try a massage to see if they would help with some of my muscle pain and stiffness. Not being one to rush into massage therapy as having traveled on many cruise ships and had their massage which was more for relaxation, I had some concern. I was a sceptic from the start. I did finally agree to try Color Country Massage service and discovered some real benefit. Jennifer, did discuss the use of the Infrared light system and did apply them in one of my early massage treatments. I did notice the benefit and decided to research them further. About that time Charlene did bring a small set of lights home for trial and we applied then to some of our aches and we liked them so much that we purchased that set of lights. When we were asked about then by family and friends we would offer their use and they were always well received. During this period of time we began to look into the purchase of a larger set if these lights like those used by Jennifer. In a week or so we purchased a larger set and then we added some added pads for pain and healing. This certainly has been a beneficial purchase and we look forward to its every use. In conclusion, this set is in daily use by both of us with much success and relief and by the way it appears to actually promotes hair growth. Thanks for your introduction.
Clyde Spitze and Charlene Lively, Cedar City, UT
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